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Kelly Ragin
Kelly Ragin

KellyKares is an organization to promote and foster empowering events that serve a higher purpose. Events that Empower, Encourage, Enhance, Enlighten, and Equip ALL women who have Embraced their God-given visions and dreams.
Founding Scripture:
Proverbs 17;17 "A Friend Loves At All Times"

To provide a continuous avenue for ALL women to share their stories of challenge and triumph and to empower each one to do likewise for years to come…
Scripture of Encouragement:
1 Peter 5; 7 "Cast your cares Upon the Lord, for HE cares for you".

The vision of KellyKares was founded in 2008, by Mrs. Kelly Ragin - an organization that was birthed as a result of a sincere desire for a higher purpose in life. I’ve always believed that people should use their gifts and talents in their God given purpose; whatever that may be…. The name KellyKares was chosen because it truly exemplifies my intention, and hopefully, my character. Very proud indeed that it’s my God-given name!

I initially set out to use my office and clerical skills to build an administrative and consulting business. I enjoyed the projects and taking on new clients, but I was missing something. I didn’t have much passion for it. I wanted more. I was eventually forced to pay attention to what mattered the most. Activities I was mostly passionate about. A very important factor to note. Fast forward 4 years, a revival of sorts occurred. After having endured a few major challenges in my life and family; my mission, vision and purpose became clear.

I’ve always had a sincere passion for people. I never meet strangers. I love and care for people emphatically! My mother, my 2 daughters and sister-friends will be the first to tell anyone that I’m always hosting or "producing" some kind of event! The bottom line here is, my love for people, hosting events, networking, empowerment (especially concerning women) has stirred a revival and confirmation of my God-given purpose!

KellyKares --My eternal hope is to also inspire, Empower Emphatically, my Exceptional daughters…. Ericka & Erin. Please pray with me.


"Born To Do This!"

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