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Koach Kelly

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Kelly is the Founder and Director of an organization called KellyKares, LLC.  ( 


Engage.Encourage.Empower—is her mission.  KellyKares encompasses several entities from producing empowerment events such as Vision Board Parties, Battle of The Sexes, Networking Events, College Life Parties, Entrepreneurial Seminars for Young Adults, and so much more. Currently, Kelly has recently launched a new endeavor regarding Relationship Group Coaching. 


Kelly has penned a new name as the “LovePreneur” and will always answer to what her friends affectionately call her; Kel, and hopes new friends and associates will refer to her as “KOACHKelly or KOACHKels”. She is a certified Empowerment Coach with an emphasis on Relationships and Lifestyle Coaching.  She loves people and eagerly and desperately desires to help coach and build relationships concerning Love & Life.  She often teasingly says that, “I didn’t go through all that, for nothing!”

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