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About The Author 

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She hopes to open varied avenues for the community to share their stories. Her tagline for the publication 

is MyStory Publications; “WE ALL HAVE ONE”. 

A proud native Atlantan. Born and raised in Decatur, Georgia… who doesn’t mind being called the rhetorical "Grady Baby"! A graduate of Towers High School attended Georgia State University, Majored in Nursing. Kelly started her federal career in 1988 with the Health Care Financing Administration, Division of Medicare as a Work-study student. Later, moved on to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

For almost 30 years Kelly spent her 9 to 5 as a Public Health Servant; and her last position as a Public Health Analyst with the CDC in Atlanta, GA. She does not take her journey for granted one bit. In her last role before retirement in 2019, she worked in the Office of the Chief of Staff, supporting the CDC Director as a liaison to the public and the various centers and programs throughout the CDC agency; concerning issues related 

to the Nation’s Public Health matters. 

Some of Kelly’s affiliations are: Bosspreneur Business Circle (BBC), Atlanta Spotlight on Business/Xperience Connections and Business group, Dualpreneur Group, CDC’s Association for Professional Women (APW), CDC’s Local Chapter of The Blacks in 

Government (BIG), Girl Scouts (she served as a leader and coordinator for 10 years- A very rewarding service-oriented role she loved!). And since age 13, a very, proud member of the Beulah Missionary Baptist Church, in Decatur, GA under the the leadership of Rev. Jerry D. Black.  

In 2014, Kelly was honored as a BLACK WOMEN ROCK recipient through, the CDC chapter of Blacks in Government. She also was awarded the TrailBlazer award in 2016.  Kelly previously served as Board Member, on the Board of Directors for her community and has partnered with other non-profit organizations to serve where needed. Kelly is also a certified Relationships and Lifestyles Coach and Certified Freelance writer. 


Passions & Hobbies: Writing/journaling, music (Gospel, 

Contemporary jazz & old school R &B), reading, traveling, and antique/thrift consignment shopping, cooking for her sister-friends & family. An entrepreneur at heart, she often likes to ask…” So, …what’s your passion?  Kelly is the author of 3 published books and several empowerment articles. She loves empowering the person whose gifts are shining through but sitting stagnant. Also, a certified relationships coach, she offers group coaching to women through speaking opportunities to uplift those who have struggled with issues in their marriages or partner relationships. Kelly is also known as the Lovepreneur and says “I didn’t go through all that for nothin’!” 

She has served as a part-time writer for DESIRE HEALTH Magazine, Inc. based in San Bernardino, CA. She’s also an aspiring author with an eagerness to share her testimonies of challenge and triumph. Currently penning her first autobiography/memoir titled: "Restored Wings" and a novella titled: “Crossing the Line”, along with several other book projects. She has written numerous impactful articles that can be found on both websites.  

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